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Families Learning Together

All the guidance and resources you need to teach your child Maths just like they do at school. This covers the whole primary / KS1 + KS2 Maths National Curriculum.

Teach kids Maths just like at UK schools

Families Learning Together is a resource developed by teachers and curriculum experts to help parents teach primary age children Maths just like they do at school. The core primary curriculum is covered with video guidance, Free Maths Worksheets, and activities for every year group and topic.

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Counting with primary school children

Why Families Learning Together?

The way Maths is taught now in primary schools is different to how we were taught. The language and methods used to find answers have changed, even if the results haven’t!

For parents keen to support children’s learning, this often leads to frustration for parents and confusion for children.

Families Learning Together makes sure teach and support your child / children in Maths using the same language and techniques which will give the a huge advantage in the classroom.

How it works

Unlike other Maths homework resources, Families Learning Together provides extensive video and written guidance to help parents become confident in how Maths is taught. With this resource you can enjoy helping your primary aged children, and know you are doing it right!

Parent helping primary school child with maths

All units are made for parents and are completely FREE to use

Year 1 to Year 6

Having to help my 9 year old with her Maths during lockdown was much harder than I had expected. I pretty much gave up…until I found this website! We now look forward to our lessons together. This is much better than other stuff out there.

Agatha Kowalski 

This is an excellent resource…the videos make it really easy for me to explain the methods, and I can tell that she is familiar with the language I’m using. The activities are well thought out and not too long. Dare I say it…my maths has improved too!

David Smith

I love this, got two primary age children and find the activities just the right length. The fact that I KNOW that this is how they teach at school gives me great confidence. Knowing that when they are back at school they will not have fallen behind in their maths makes this a no brainer.

Janet Chavez