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We can calculate simple division sums with objects.
We can recognise and write the division symbol.

Year 1 Unit 17


What we are learning:

  • We are now learning what division is and to divide simple numbers
  • Use practical objects such as pencils or building blocks
  • Don’t be tempted to set these out as formal recorded ‘sums’ yet – you are still reinforcing the concept and understanding of multiplication
  • We use the words ‘divide’ and ‘share’
  • Only divide by 2 and 3 and start with numbers below 20 that you know your child is confident with
  • Make sure that you start with a number that will divide equally i.e. an even number for dividing by 2
  • Once you and your child have completed lots of practical sums together, have a go at writing a few together so your child becomes familiar with the sign e.g. 4 ÷ 2 = 2

Activities you can do at home:

Set out 6 sweets and ask, If we are sharing these between the 2 of us, how many sweets will we each have?
Allow your child to work the answer out by moving the sweets one at a time into 2 piles and counting them

Repeat this with everyday objects around the house, when shopping etc e.g. If I have a bag of 4 apples to share between 2 people how many with each person have?

Use opportunities such as meal times or friends to play to ‘share out’ food, toys etc

Use objects to complete the sums on the activity sheet

Good questions to ask:

If I have 6 sweets and share them between two people, how many will each person get?
Can you split 6 into two groups? How many are in each group?
What is 6 divided by 2?

If your child:

Gets confused about the concept of division
Use very low numbers, e.g. 4 divided into two groups and continue using practical objects until the concept of sharing is understood by seeing it happen. Set out 4 objects and show how they can be grouped into two groups
of two. Repeat this with other simple numbers.

Activity sheets


Activity sheet PDF

Extension Activity

Please use this activity when you think your child understands the unit of work. It will deepen and extend your child’s understanding of this unit.


Extension activity (PDF)