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Using Our Maths A

Following Units 1-7

These activities bring together the different mathematical skills that your child should now know. By combining these skills in puzzles and activities your child will need to reason and think of solutions, as well as complete calculations. This will help your child to really understand the skills they are learning.

Talk through each group of questions and ask your child how they are going to solve the challenges.

It’s good to get stuck sometimes! When this happens discuss the challenge in the following order:

  • What do we need to find out to solve the challenge?
  • What do we know by looking at the question?
  • Want could we do first?
  • How would that help us?

Is there anything else we could do?


Activity: Can you solve these problems?

What else would you need to know in order to be able to solve them? Talk about this together.
1. Susan bought three magazines. How much did she spend?
2. She had £5 altogether and wanted to save some of her money for next week. What is the greatest amount she can spend today?
3. In the end she decided to spend £4.50 because her dad said he would give her some more money next week. Will she have enough for next week?

Answer: Using Our Maths A Answers (PDF)

Activity: Finding the missing numbers

Read each question carefully and talk about how to solve the problem before you start.
8 x ? = 580
3500 ÷ ? = 35
24 ? ? = 2400
80 ? ? = 8000
4250 ? ? = 425

We can combine our 8 and 9 times tables with multiplying by 10 and 100
Try to do these in your head
5 x 80 = ?
6 x 90 = ?
240 ÷ 80 = ?
180 ÷ 9 = ?
3 x 900 = ?
360 ÷ 90 = ?
800 x 4 = ?
450 ÷ 9 = ?

Sometimes there is more than one way to solve a problem. Talk about the different ways of doing these and choose your favourite method to solve them.

  • What is the difference between double 5 and double 7?
  • What is double 8 plus double 6?
  • If I double two different numbers and add the answers together I get a total of18. One of the numbers is 7. What is the other one?
  • What is the total of double 3 and double 8 less double 5?

Answer: Using Our Maths A Answers (PDF)