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Using Our Maths C

Following Units 12-14

These activities bring together the different mathematical skills that your child should now know. By combining these skills in puzzles and activities your child will need to reason and think of solutions, as well as complete calculations. This will help your child to really understand the skills they are learning.

Talk through each group of questions and ask your child how they are going to solve the challenges.

It’s good to get stuck sometimes! When this happens discuss the challenge in the following order:

  • What do we need to find out to solve the challenge?
  • What do we know by looking at the question?
  • Want could we do first?
  • How would that help us?

Is there anything else we could do?


Activity: Missing numbers

The important first question is where to start. This will really test the knowledge we have been building.

59 – 22 + ? = 48 62 + 14 – ? =  36 4 x 8 – ? = 20
24 – 3 + ? = 35 15 + ? + 45 = 75 11 x 5 + ? = 95
50  ÷ 10  +  ? = 12 48 ÷ ? + 7 = 15  ? ÷ 5 -3 = 4
3 + ? – 4 = 7 88 – 22 – ? = 44 7 x ? + 24 = 94

Answer: Using Our Maths C Answers (PDF)

Activity: Problem solving

Marvo the magician does his tricks at children’s parties every Saturday for five weeks. At each party he makes toy rabbits appear from his hat. The first week he produces 12 rabbits. At each successive party he produces 5 more than the last party. How many rabbit does he produce at the 3rd party?
How many rabbit does he produce all together?

You have your cousins and their family coming for Sunday lunch. There are 3 of you and 5 of them. You are setting the table with a knife, fork and spoon for each person. How many pieces of cutlery in total?

You have a box of 80 pencils. If you share them equally between 10 friends how many will each have? If instead you keep 20 and share the rest between 6 friends, how many will they each have? Suraya collects 10p coins, Malina collects 5p coins, Aaron collects 2p coins and Brady collects 20p coins.

Suraya has 9 coins, Aaron has 12 coins, how much do they have between them?
If Brady has 240 pence (£2.40) how many coins does he have?
If they each have 6 coins who has the most money?
How did you work this out? Did you need to calculate all the amounts or did you find a quick way to answer the question?
If Aaron has 24p how many coins has he?
If Malina has 55p how many coins has she?
If each child has 100 pence (£1.00) in their collection how many coins will they each have?

Answer: Using Our Maths C Answers (PDF)