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We can solve a problem by writing down what calculation we should do.
We can use a number line to calculate.

Year 3 Unit 11

What we are learning:

  • Just one calculation i.e. What is the total of 50p and 25p? is needed to solve a one-step problem.
  • Two calculations – carried out in a specific order – are needed to solve a two-step calculation i.e. How much change will I get from £1 if I buy sweets costing 50p and a drink costing 25p? (Find the total for the drink and sweets and take this away from £1.)
  • When solving measures problems at this stage it is important to make sure that all measures are recorded in the same type of units:
    LENGTH either km or m or cm or mm
    WEIGHT either kg or g
    MONEY either £ or p
    You may need to convert the units before starting the calculation.
  • A number line is a simple diagram (quick to draw – no need for scaling accuracy) used to represent and support a calculation. It consists of a straight line (normally drawn horizontally. Key numbers should be added onto it.

Activities you can do at home:

Cut out the problem and calculation cards on the sheet “Problems!” try and match together the calculation that is needed to solve each problem.
(There are some red herring solutions!) Encourage your child to explain how they matched the calculations. See Unit 5.

Use an Empty Number Line to solve the maths problems on the Activity Sheet. See the example below:

Good questions to ask:

How many calculations do you need to do to solve this question?
Which calculation has to come first?
Why does this have to be done first?
What do you need to do next?
Is this a one step or a two step problem?

If your child:

Gets mixed up between one step and two step problems.
Master one step problems first by talking them through carefully before your child works out the answer. Get them to make up one step problems for you. When they have mastered these go on to two step problems.


Problems PDF

Extension Activity

Please use this activity when you think your child understands the unit of work. It will deepen and extend your child’s understanding of this unit.


Extension activity (PDF)